Case Studies

Like a good story? Me too. I hope these stories will connect you to the purpose and creativity of those I've had the pleasure of working with over the past 10 years.

Each story has a breakdown of my process and methods, so you can see how I get to real results. Please note that these stories are password protected.


How might create a platform that acts as a "911-equivalent" for non-emergency situations? How might the service satisfy the needs of our culturally diverse community?

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How might we re-purpose existing corporate capabilities for social good? What could our role be, in the case of humanitarian crises caused by war and weather?

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How might we foster a culture of innovation inside of a bank? We have a strong mandate for innovation from the CEO — but how might we teach employees "why" or "how"?

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How might we "wow" customers during the car rental service process, in ways that our competitors have not? How could our internal teams embrace experimentation?

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